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Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th February 2018
Basic Mountain, Edinburgh EH2 3JP.
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19-23rd February 2018.
Basic Mountain, Edinburgh EH2 3JP.
Five day workshop exploring portrait painting in oils. Edinburgh. More Details

Student Feedback from previous workshops

"Alan is an excellent teacher and very generous with his knowledge." F.N.

"A fascinating subject (anatomy), very complex, taught by a masterly exponent. Should be obligatory for anyone embarking on figure drawing. " B.S

"Fundamental knowledge delivered in a completely absorbing and engaging way. wish I had done this course 20 years ago." J.E.

"I have been involved in education for over 30 years and I can say without hesitation that Alan's 'Colour and the Figure' is a superbly designed workshop. Alan illustrates each stage of the journey with relevant illustrations drawn from Classical, modern and contemporary art, Alan's explanations were always lucid and beautifully illustrated. I believe that my participation in the course has truly deepened my knowledge of colour as it relates to the figure.
This workshop was a revelation, at least to me, and it was a privilege to have taken part in it." D.M.

"What a great week. Very high quality teaching and advice. Lots to think about and act upon to move my work forward." M.C.

" It was inspiring to spend time with an artist who so fully understands figurative painting. Talks & numerous demonstrations condensed decades of studious analysis into simple concepts that we might wish to consider in our artistic development. I very much look forward to attending further workshops." RM


Learning Anatomy from the Successor to Lucian Freud

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Alan McGowan

Alan McGowan

Alan McGowan

Alan McGowan

Language of the Body
The Language of the Body; Figure Drawings in Four Chapters
By Alan McGowan

On sale price £20 from Alibris
ISBN 9780957242807


Published by SATURATION, 2012